The Who
March 24, 2011, 7:17 pm
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So Ryan and I have already decided who we want in our wedding party.

Team Kristen is:

Maid of Honor: Lindsey Thalman Shaw

She has been my best friend since Jr. High. Her parents Kevin and Marianne are my second parents. We have grown up together and we owe it all to a surprise birthday party that I threw for Hayley Baker in 8th grade (another bridesmaid). I was recently Lindsey’s maid of honor at her beautiful Playa Del Carmen destination wedding. Lindsey makes me laugh more than anyone and we have more inside jokes than anyone should remember. We are officially members of the “special people club”

Brides maid : Hayley Baker

Hayley is also a friend from Jr. High. She is my ultimate soul mate. We have matching rings to prove it. When I lived in another state she wrote me letters incessantly and has always been the level headed rock that I can depend on. She is as loyal as they come. I can go 6 months without talking to Hayley and we can can carry on like we never missed a beat. We have silly nicknames for each other (Gonzo and Whatbug) and pictures of fake kisses from junior high to document or undying love for each other.

Bridesmaid: Leighann Miko

Miko has been a great resource and a blessing to have as a friend during the wedding process. She is full of great ideas and shares them with me. We have very similar taste and it’s been great bouncing ideas of her. Miko is one-quarter of “Team Boss”. Miko and Caitlyn are our couple besties. We love to hike and go camping together. The 4 of us make up “Team Boss”. They are great travel companions and always up for an adventure. Miko and Caitlyn were generous enough to offer to help us harvest lavender in July to try to get a discount on the wedding venue. We have a lot of trips planned this upcoming year. I can’t wait to see what adventures await us!

Bridesmaid: Ashley Downs

Ashley is my best friend in California. I met Ashley one night out with Miko and we have been inseparable ever since. Ashley and I share a love for art, music, and vinyl toys. We have spent way too much money at Kid Robot. My favorite times with Ashley are: going to jazz at Casey’s on a Thursday night and hanging out with our 80-year-old “uncles” Mort and Bill, Topanga canyon car rides singing Tegan and Sarah at the top of our lungs, playing hello kitty uno, craft days, and our countless ridiculous adventures. We are terrible wedding guests, so I’m hoping that karma won’t get me on this one ;).

Bridesmaid: Kim Jones

Kim is the K to my K. I just adore her. Kim was one of my first friends I made when I moved to California and she’s been a loyal friend ever since. We have had many adventures including trips to Salt Lake City, The Boat of Bad Decisions cruise, and road trips to San Francisco. There’s something infectious about her laugh and anyone who meets Kim can tell that she is an amazing person down to the core. She also has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard and has agreed to sing our fist dance at the wedding. We have an obsession with “The Sweetest Thing” and can quote the movie line for line. She suggested doing a sweetest thing-esque road trip before I get married. I can’t wait!


Bridesmaid: Kathleen Selke

Kathleen is Ryan’s oldest sister. I didn’t ask her to be a bridesmaid when I asked the rest of the girls. I didn’t want to leave out her sister’s or mine. I thought there would be hurt feelings if I asked her and not the others. I love them all!!! But Kathleen is the one I am closest to and she has been hands down as loving and supportive as you could possibly be. She’s offered advice, her wedding earrings, to throw the bridal shower, and countless support. I wanted more than anything to have her in the wedding. I finally got the guts to ask her and she graciously accepted. She is a role model, friend, and soon to be sister! I love her and learn from her everytime I interact with her. She makes the bridal party complete.

Team Ryan

best man: Stephen Obar

Ryan and Obar played baseball together in high school. They are the guys that hang out in the background of a party and make each other laugh. They usually end the night at Lucky Boy’s in Pasadena. These boys like to eat clean, work out hard, and then on their birthdays eat more than a herd of elephants should.

groomsman:Brandon Sonalia

Ryan and Brandon played baseball together. They were always on seperate teams until high school. Ryan spent most weekends at the Sonalia’s. I’m sure they got in a lot of trouble together.

groomsman: Dylan

Dylan grew up in Sunland like Ryan. They are neighborhood friends. Dylan is a hilarious guy and will surely make the wedding a blast!

groomswoman:Caitlyn McLoughlin

Caitlyn is the fiance of Leighann Miko. She is funny, smart, and part of our favorite couple. We love going on vacation together. As you can see, she makes things interesting.

groomsman: Scotty Willard

Scotty is one of Ryan’s childhood friends.  They started off as competitors playing baseball against each other at age 6. At age 9 they finally got placed on the same team and played together until they were 15 years old. Ryan was recently a groomsman in Scotty and Dana’s wedding.

groomsmen: Jeffrey Obar

Jeff is Stephen’s (best man) little brother. Ryan, Steven, and Jeff spend way too much time for any straight guys. I was wonder what they do since they don’t drink. I do know it involves lucky boy in Pasadena.


The Where and the When
March 24, 2011, 7:04 pm
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Our dream is to get married at Green Acres lavender Farm on June 2nd, 2012

This was my initial letter to the prior owners.

“Hello there,

My boyfriend surprised me for my birthday and took me to your lavender farm several years back. Lavender is my favorite fragrance and I fell in  love with the property and your sweet family. We came back the following year to see Corrine West play at your home. Again, it was an amazing night! I adore your property and said the first evening we were there that “one day I’m getting married here”. I insisted we stop on our way home from Big Sur this summer and was informed that you were in the process of selling your property so you weren’t scheduling any events.

 I don’t know what your current situation is now. My mother passed away 7 years ago and I don’t really know my father. Needless to say, I don’t have any family money. It is my dream to be married at your lavender farm. I am writing you to inquire what the cost would be to reserve an evening at your incredible home? We don’t have much money to spend, but I thought it was worth a shot to inquire. 🙂

Kind Regards,

Kristen ”

 Since then I have had many emails back and forth with the new owner. Kim Croft is a wonderfully sweet woman who has assured me that she is going to make it happen for us. We still don’t know that is a for sure deal bc we haven’t discussed the cost yet.

But I am hopeful. 🙂  I told Kim that we are willing and would love to help harvest the lavender. It is perfect bc they could use extra hands this July. So my goal is that we get a great deal on the wedding site for exchange of our labor. We even have our closest couple willing to help. Thanks Miko and Caitlyn! I can’t wait to have an update on this. I have so many ideas but they cannot be locked in until we know we have the location set. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Puppy Blogger here: how we became “we”
March 23, 2011, 6:27 pm
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 The purpose for this blog is to document my recent engagement to the ever-so-tall Ryan Stanley (6’6).  I am a wittle 5’1 lady so the name seemed appropriate: The Dwarf and the Giant. I am so excited to be engaged and the planning process has already been a blast. I can’t wait to put down my finds, ideas, and realities as they unfold.

The story:

Ryan and I met over 5 years ago through some mutual friends. The story goes that Ryan had a crush on a tiny blonde girl and pseudo stalked me through myspace.  We officially had a conversation on New Year’s Eve at a party. He jokingly said I should make him my number 1 friend on Myspace. Low and behold, I had a friend request from him the next morning.  So I did the right thing and held up to my end of the bargain and put him up as my number one friend. My friend’s wanted to know who this stranger was in my number one spot. Fast forward 5 years and that stranger is my soon to be husband. Recently Ryan was with some of his buddies and Efram said it was strange that they used to look at my pictures and now I’m his girlfriend…well now soon to be wife.  Neither of us go on Myspace anymore, but we are happy for the site for starting the dialog.

5 year anniversary of meeting. New Year’s Eve in Tahoe 2010/2011

Here we are in Tahoe a couple years ago. 🙂