Puppy Blogger here: how we became “we”
March 23, 2011, 6:27 pm
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 The purpose for this blog is to document my recent engagement to the ever-so-tall Ryan Stanley (6’6).  I am a wittle 5’1 lady so the name seemed appropriate: The Dwarf and the Giant. I am so excited to be engaged and the planning process has already been a blast. I can’t wait to put down my finds, ideas, and realities as they unfold.

The story:

Ryan and I met over 5 years ago through some mutual friends. The story goes that Ryan had a crush on a tiny blonde girl and pseudo stalked me through myspace.  We officially had a conversation on New Year’s Eve at a party. He jokingly said I should make him my number 1 friend on Myspace. Low and behold, I had a friend request from him the next morning.  So I did the right thing and held up to my end of the bargain and put him up as my number one friend. My friend’s wanted to know who this stranger was in my number one spot. Fast forward 5 years and that stranger is my soon to be husband. Recently Ryan was with some of his buddies and Efram said it was strange that they used to look at my pictures and now I’m his girlfriend…well now soon to be wife.  Neither of us go on Myspace anymore, but we are happy for the site for starting the dialog.

5 year anniversary of meeting. New Year’s Eve in Tahoe 2010/2011

Here we are in Tahoe a couple years ago. 🙂


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