Getting wedding bod ready
May 10, 2011, 7:45 pm
Filed under: getting in shape

I know that most people have some kind of improving they’d like to do for themselves. The engagement period is the perfect time to lose that extra ten pounds. It was perfect timing for me that I got engaged at Christmas. My work started the “biggest loser” competition in January. The entry was $25. Winner got $200, 2nd place $125, and third $75. I wanted that money to go towards My wedding dress because I’m a bride on a budget!
In 2008 I saw some photos of me that made me sick. I was fat! I didn’t even realize that I had cellulite on my arms, legs, and stomach. My dr weighed me at 144 lbs. At 5’1 this was overweight. My healthy and happy weight is 115 lbs I started working out and drinking/eating less. I lost 20 pounds by 2009! Hooray!
Come January 2011 I weighed in at 134.4. I had gained some of that weight back. I had 90 days to shed. I worked out nearly every day. Ryan put together a meal plan with Obar’s help. During the entire competition I was on the heels of my co worker, Paul. I thought there was no way I could beat him.
The Monday of the weigh in I came to the office early. I weighed myself and did the math. I was at 12.1% body weight loss. I knew Paul was about this too. I headed to my work gym to sweat out a little more. I was only able to make it 20 minutes on the elliptical. I weighed in again, this time with the official. I lost 17 pounds! This put me at 12.5% body loss. Paul was 12.2%. I won!! If I didn’t do that last workout Paul would have one by a tenth of a percent. Never sell yourself short.

You can imagine my happiness last week when I saw the scale under 120!!! I don’t think I’ve been here for 10 years. My goal is 110 by the wedding. I signed up for the camp Pendleton 10k mud run in 3 weeks. The training should be a great motivator for working out.
Everyone is asking how I did it and what’s the secret. Here you go:
Eat less, move more. 🙂








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