Our besties got engaged!
June 7, 2011, 3:28 am
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Miko planned a Memorial weekend trip to Sequoia National Park. We had a weekend of hiking planned and we couldn’t wait! Caitlyn called me a few days before and told me that she planned to propose to Miko. I could not contain myself. I was so excited knowing how surprised and happy Miko was going to be.

The first day we got there we were surprised to see snow on the ground. It was colder than we expected but we decided to make the best of it and hike to the falls. It was so beautiful. I kept wondering when Caitlyn was gonna pop the question. I just couldn’t stand it.

That night we got dumped on by snow. We literally woke up to everything covered in snow. You can imagine how cold that is in a tent. It got so bad that roads to leave were closed and we were stuck up there!!! We were unprepared, cold, and a bit concerned. But we didn’t let that dampen our spirits. I thought that Caitlyn’s proposal wasn’t going to happen. Buuuuut Caitlyn bit the bullet and decided to go forward.

Caitlyn told us that they were going for a walk and that was the cue that she was going to propose. I put up the banners I made and we got the champagne ready. The sun even came out for a few minutes during their special moment. That could not have been planned better!

The girls came back and we all popped the champage and it was time to celebrate! Just then the snow storm came back. 8 of us crammed into our tent to play card games, drink, and laugh. This was not the weekend we planned but it was a great time amd something we will never forget. I’m so happy we were there to share this experience with our besties. I’m so excited to be engaged at the same time as Miko. We are going to have so much fun planning over the next year!

the happy engaged coupleMiko's new bling





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