Ryan is the sweetest. Happy birthday to me
August 16, 2011, 1:14 am
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Ryan had been traveling for a month with American Idol and I was really missing him. He flew home the day before my birthday. That was a great gift in itself.
I had an awesome day at work. Everybody showed me a lot of love at work so I was already having a fabulous day and was in an awesome mood. 🙂
I got home from work on my bday and Ryan decorated the garage with streamers, balloons, and a piñata filled with dark chocolate Reeses peanut butter cups. Nom nom. I went in our apartment and he decorated with 50 balloons, flowers, streamers, he made home made brownies with Reeses peanut butter chips, chocolate covered strawberries, and got me a super funny cute card.
We headed out to our favorite restaurant in Long Beach: Open Sesame. It was a long drive in traffic and I started getting hAngry. Ughhhh I am like a toddler when sleepy or hungry. It Took over an hour to get there and then there was a 40 minute wait. Meh meh meh. Ryan is so sweet and took me shopping to kill the time. I’ve been on a strict no shopping plan since October to pay off my credit card debt so I was especially happy!!! *just made my last payment to get a zero balance!!!! Woohoo
It ended up being such a wonderful night. I’m so lucky to have him!!!













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