Metal letter stamp time
August 26, 2011, 12:43 am
Filed under: wedding

Today started as a sick day from work and turned into a wedding-check-off-items-from-the-to-do-list day.

I called out sick and fully intended on staying in bed and sleeping all day. I started this morning by emailing some potential photo booth vendors. I still haven’t heard back from the referral from Desiree. Maybe it’s for the best and we will find a more affordable vendor.

As luck would have it I called out on the day my disc of pictures arrived from my grandma. The postman knocked on my door and walked away immediately. I ran after him and it turns out there was due postage. If I hadn’t been home the package would have been sent back. My grandma is amazing and put together a disc of my relatives and dated and identified each one. I am doing an area at the wedding titled “where we came from” with old pictures. There are some amazing pictures that I am looking forward to sharing with the next generation. I’m so happy I asked my grandma to put this together and even more tickled that she is so savvy and knows how to upload and burn pics. Go grandma!!! I ordered prints from Picasso. I called my crafty and brilliant grandma to thank her and got on the subject if boleros. She found some patterns and when I go to the desert we will look for lace. I’m so lucky to have her.

Ryan and I recently had a visit with his grandma and we went through her albums. She loaned us some pictures and I made copies of them today. Now all we need are pics from the O’toole side.

Next I headed to the post office to get post card stamps. To my delight they were adorable! The stamps were pictures of different wildflowers and lavender. And super duper bonus points for being less expensive than standard postage. I bought 80 stamps for under $30. I sent out about 65 save the dates.

About a month ago I ordered metal letter stamps and blank tags/accessories. I’ve been unmotivated the last couple of months and hadn’t opened the box. I guess I got the wedding bug back bc I spent the rest of the afternoon pounding/imprinting away and I’m sure driving my neighbors nuts. Hopefully I’m the only slacker who called out today and they were working. I made “luggage tag” style initial necklaces for my bridesmaids. I also Madrid bouquet charms with our wedding date, sweet lub, and initials.
Unfortunately my iPhone is incapable of taking clear close up pictures. But you get the idea. Next step silverware gathering. I’m excited. 🙂








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