Progress! Photobooth, check! Projector, check! Wedding coordinator, check!!!
October 13, 2011, 3:19 am
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I officially got my wedding bug back! I bamboozled a more than fair price and paid the deposit for a photo booth. I liked the other vendors but I really wanted the old fashion strip style pictures. James Davis had everything I was looking for, gave us 3 hours instead of two, and unlimited pictures! This was the one luxury item I was insistent on. Heck, it’s more than double the cost of my wedding dress, but will be great entertainment for our guests.

We are going to have an outdoor movie/slideshow at the conclusion of the wedding with popcorn and treats. Projectors and screens are much more than I originally thought. Ryan spotted a deal on “living social” for a projector and 12 foot inflatable screen. The thing looked like a jump and bounce. Not to mention it had to be used by jan 2011. I called Heidi, the owner, and explained our situation. She happily honored the $99 price with a regular projector screen and locked in our date. Jack pot!

Since I was having such great luck I decided to reach out to April Paul. The backstory on April goes as follows:
I was at SEED getting gift cards for Ryan’s birthday. April was ringing me up and complimented my ring, I complimented hers (they look alike… Very vintagey…. Yes it’s a word Ryan. April said so!!) we started talking weddings. I told her we are getting married at Oak Canyon Nature Center. She squealed that she recently got married there. We continued on giggling like little school girls. I saw her beautiful wedding pictures and her video and felt a kindred partner in crime of sorts. All her planning, attention to detail, DIY work, collecting, and styling was/is everything I’m working to achieve. She made me more excited for my wedding from her energy describing hers.
April told me she wants to be a wedding coordinator. We had been taking for, what felt like hours, maybe 20 minutes and realized we didn’t know each other’s names. We introduced ourselves. April wrote down her contact information in case I needed help.

Fast forward a couple months. I emailed April and asked her if she would be our day of coordinator. She happily accepted! I can’t wait for her ideas and suggestions. Not to mention what a relief it will be to have someone to take care of the details, transitions, and take down at the end of the night.

All in all, I’m very happy with the recent progress! 🙂
Check out how adorable April is! And look, we’re getting married here!!!!





Moab rafting trip with Kimmy
October 7, 2011, 4:55 am
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Kim Jones is an amazing friend and one of the beautiful ladies in my bridal party. She and I have gone to Utah several times to visit my family and friends. My step dad Nelson offered to buy my flight to Utah for my birthday in August. Nelson adores Kim and offered to have her come too. Kim works, is finishing her masters, and volunteers at a helpline. I was worried she wouldn’t be able to take off a week but she made it work. We knew it would likely be our last Utah adventure before I get married.
We ratted and camped along the Colorado river with my family. We ate well thanks to Nelson Jr and his friends. We played bocce ball with kids, body floated down rapids, and got eaten up by Mosquitos.
We had an absolute blast on the rafting trip. The highlight of the trip was climbing to the top of a rock (mini mountain) the last night and watching the stars and lightning and talking.

It was a great weekend with one of my besties and I’m so happy she’s a part of my life and bridal party.