Got my wedding shoes!!!!
November 8, 2011, 3:35 am
Filed under: wedding

Hooray!!!! My dress is very plain Jane. I wanted some whimsical, unique, funky, thick heeled, adorable, comfortable, and rad shoes. Tall order! Oak Canyon is uneven dirt so I couldn’t wear stilettos. But I needed some sort of heel bc Ry is so tall. I’ve been looking and looking and no shoe seemed to fit. Well I was looking at (where Lindsey bought her bridesmaid dress) for some unique ideas for the other girls. I saw the shoes that fit exactly what I was searching for. They were about the same price as my wedding dress but I didn’t care. These were them!!’ I didn’t have a “this is my dress! I feel like a bride!!” moment. But when I saw these shoes I was as giddy as a fat kid in an ice cream shop (taken from Miko). But sadly they didn’t have my size. It took me all afternoon but I finally tracked down my size. And for less money, thank you very much! I got them for a steal of $106.
My fave part are the soles. I absolutely LUB them. The crystal heel is pretty sweet too! They arrived and the packaging felt special and unique. This was my special purchase moment. Check out these bad boys!







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