Wedding invitations are ready! And some more crafting
April 10, 2012, 2:44 am
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I had Lauren Jensen make our wedding invitations for us. She is an incredibly talented artist and in the animation program at San Jose State. She painted portraits of Ryan and I and then uploaded the pictures and designed our invitations and RSVP cards. I love them!
I bought recycled paper and envelopes and we printed them at Kathleen and Scott’s on St. Patty’s day. Because the invites were JPEG’s it took a really long time to print. We spent 11 hours printing!!! But the quality was great and well worth it. The recycled paper put funny spots on our portraits but I think it gives invitations character.





I bought wax and a wax sealer that matched the invites. Ryan and I sealed each envelope.





Ryan and I have also been doing quite a bit of crafting. I’ll save the boring details and just post the pics.



























a Very productive wedding planning day
January 30, 2012, 12:38 am
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This morning Ryan and I bought the bamboo plates and forks, compostable cups, pie plates, and napkins.

We then met with April Paul, our wedding coordinator to go over all the details. We measured and laid out tentative “floor plan” and schedule. She is the best and said she doesn’t want me to worry about setting up or breaking down. *sigh!!!! Love her!!!

Afterwards, Ryan and I went to Don Jose’s for lunch. After all we had to make sure the food was going to be great for the rehearsal dinner. We got a tour of the banquet room. It can squeeze 50 ppl. There were old pictures on the wall. It will be perfect! As you can see, the food was terrible ;).








I had a vision to make a curtain of lace for behind the pie table. When my grandma passed away I got a bunch of her lace in hopes of using it for the wedding. I’m excited and love that it’s from her. I snagged a tree branch from the ground at oak canyon nature center. I think it will be pretty cute.




Hooray my headbands are here!
December 24, 2011, 2:23 pm
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So I’ve been a bit pouty over my simple j crew wedding dresses. Yes, plural because I still haven’t managed to sell the first purchase. Boo

So I fell in love with a 6k dress… Yes I know. I need to stop looking because the grass is not always greener. Or in my case the dress is not always more flattering, dazzling, and/or perfect. However I am feeling underwhelmed with my dress choice. Kathleen was so sweet and offered to help find me some bling and work with her tailor. I was going to transform the dress but I decided to jazz up my ensemble with amazeballs head pieces. I wanted sparkle and shine without straying from my rustic, bohemian, and vintage feel.
Mission accomplished!!! I love Etsy!











And because I’m me, I bought 2. I may do the seafoam green at the reception. I couldn’t decide, I love them both!




Got my wedding shoes!!!!
November 8, 2011, 3:35 am
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Hooray!!!! My dress is very plain Jane. I wanted some whimsical, unique, funky, thick heeled, adorable, comfortable, and rad shoes. Tall order! Oak Canyon is uneven dirt so I couldn’t wear stilettos. But I needed some sort of heel bc Ry is so tall. I’ve been looking and looking and no shoe seemed to fit. Well I was looking at (where Lindsey bought her bridesmaid dress) for some unique ideas for the other girls. I saw the shoes that fit exactly what I was searching for. They were about the same price as my wedding dress but I didn’t care. These were them!!’ I didn’t have a “this is my dress! I feel like a bride!!” moment. But when I saw these shoes I was as giddy as a fat kid in an ice cream shop (taken from Miko). But sadly they didn’t have my size. It took me all afternoon but I finally tracked down my size. And for less money, thank you very much! I got them for a steal of $106.
My fave part are the soles. I absolutely LUB them. The crystal heel is pretty sweet too! They arrived and the packaging felt special and unique. This was my special purchase moment. Check out these bad boys!






Progress! Photobooth, check! Projector, check! Wedding coordinator, check!!!
October 13, 2011, 3:19 am
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I officially got my wedding bug back! I bamboozled a more than fair price and paid the deposit for a photo booth. I liked the other vendors but I really wanted the old fashion strip style pictures. James Davis had everything I was looking for, gave us 3 hours instead of two, and unlimited pictures! This was the one luxury item I was insistent on. Heck, it’s more than double the cost of my wedding dress, but will be great entertainment for our guests.

We are going to have an outdoor movie/slideshow at the conclusion of the wedding with popcorn and treats. Projectors and screens are much more than I originally thought. Ryan spotted a deal on “living social” for a projector and 12 foot inflatable screen. The thing looked like a jump and bounce. Not to mention it had to be used by jan 2011. I called Heidi, the owner, and explained our situation. She happily honored the $99 price with a regular projector screen and locked in our date. Jack pot!

Since I was having such great luck I decided to reach out to April Paul. The backstory on April goes as follows:
I was at SEED getting gift cards for Ryan’s birthday. April was ringing me up and complimented my ring, I complimented hers (they look alike… Very vintagey…. Yes it’s a word Ryan. April said so!!) we started talking weddings. I told her we are getting married at Oak Canyon Nature Center. She squealed that she recently got married there. We continued on giggling like little school girls. I saw her beautiful wedding pictures and her video and felt a kindred partner in crime of sorts. All her planning, attention to detail, DIY work, collecting, and styling was/is everything I’m working to achieve. She made me more excited for my wedding from her energy describing hers.
April told me she wants to be a wedding coordinator. We had been taking for, what felt like hours, maybe 20 minutes and realized we didn’t know each other’s names. We introduced ourselves. April wrote down her contact information in case I needed help.

Fast forward a couple months. I emailed April and asked her if she would be our day of coordinator. She happily accepted! I can’t wait for her ideas and suggestions. Not to mention what a relief it will be to have someone to take care of the details, transitions, and take down at the end of the night.

All in all, I’m very happy with the recent progress! 🙂
Check out how adorable April is! And look, we’re getting married here!!!!




Craft weekend with my beeb
September 8, 2011, 7:31 pm
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Ryan’s co worker and good friend had a baby a couple weeks ago. We wanted to put a lot of love into the present so we made home made mobiles. Super adorable!







Then on Sunday we grabbed a bag of silverwear from Goodwill. I had seen the most adorable inprinted flatwear at our fave store, SEED. I bought metal inprinting letters. Ry and I went to the alley behind our house and hammered out the silverwear and put our favorite sayings on them. They turned out uber cute. And best of all, Ryan and I got to make them together! What a great Sunday!













Metal letter stamp time
August 26, 2011, 12:43 am
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Today started as a sick day from work and turned into a wedding-check-off-items-from-the-to-do-list day.

I called out sick and fully intended on staying in bed and sleeping all day. I started this morning by emailing some potential photo booth vendors. I still haven’t heard back from the referral from Desiree. Maybe it’s for the best and we will find a more affordable vendor.

As luck would have it I called out on the day my disc of pictures arrived from my grandma. The postman knocked on my door and walked away immediately. I ran after him and it turns out there was due postage. If I hadn’t been home the package would have been sent back. My grandma is amazing and put together a disc of my relatives and dated and identified each one. I am doing an area at the wedding titled “where we came from” with old pictures. There are some amazing pictures that I am looking forward to sharing with the next generation. I’m so happy I asked my grandma to put this together and even more tickled that she is so savvy and knows how to upload and burn pics. Go grandma!!! I ordered prints from Picasso. I called my crafty and brilliant grandma to thank her and got on the subject if boleros. She found some patterns and when I go to the desert we will look for lace. I’m so lucky to have her.

Ryan and I recently had a visit with his grandma and we went through her albums. She loaned us some pictures and I made copies of them today. Now all we need are pics from the O’toole side.

Next I headed to the post office to get post card stamps. To my delight they were adorable! The stamps were pictures of different wildflowers and lavender. And super duper bonus points for being less expensive than standard postage. I bought 80 stamps for under $30. I sent out about 65 save the dates.

About a month ago I ordered metal letter stamps and blank tags/accessories. I’ve been unmotivated the last couple of months and hadn’t opened the box. I guess I got the wedding bug back bc I spent the rest of the afternoon pounding/imprinting away and I’m sure driving my neighbors nuts. Hopefully I’m the only slacker who called out today and they were working. I made “luggage tag” style initial necklaces for my bridesmaids. I also Madrid bouquet charms with our wedding date, sweet lub, and initials.
Unfortunately my iPhone is incapable of taking clear close up pictures. But you get the idea. Next step silverware gathering. I’m excited. 🙂